Stuart Neil

Stuart has spent over 30 years in emergency and residential charity work in the developing world, and brings to Star Action personal knowledge of the difference even one individual’s effort can make in cases of need which may ‘fall through the net’ of large charity endeavours. He has taken ‘MAKE POVERTY HISTORY’ as his life affirmation.


Jenny Dent

Jenny has spent her working life in a religious community (The White Eagle Lodge) which she now leads. She brings to Star Action a deep conviction in the power of prayer linked with practical action. Having travelled the world over the past twenty years, she has seen at first hand the need of so many in the developing world.


Joan Fraser

Born in Australia, a nurse, healer and mother, Joan brings a wealth of experience of dealing with many kinds of need and distress. She believes one hundred percent in the difference a small, totally committed group can make, whose projects are carefully monitored and run by those on the spot who see what the real need is.


Kate Neil

At the age of only 18, Kate was the youngest person ever to start a charity in India, and the youngest woman to do so in England. Save The Babies merged with Star Action in May 2006. Her endeavours began when she became aware of many cases of female infanticide in remote villages in the Palini Hills in southern India.


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