STAR ACTION is a charity helping disadvantaged people in the developing world.

STAR ACTION gets things done – simple, practical things that make lives better…

  • STAR ACTION supports locals people in teaching Tamil-speaking children Sinhalese so that they can get on in modern Sri Lanka
  • STAR ACTION provides emergency relief and helps poverty-sticken families in Nepal
  • STAR ACTION supports cooperatives in groundnut and rice growing
  • STAR ACTION provides goats to families
  • STAR ACTION arranges for electricity connections to remote villages
  • STAR ACTION re-builds broken down homes of poverty-stricken families
  • STAR ACTION provides modern housing for destitute older people
  • STAR ACTION supplies school bags and equipment to rural schools
  • STAR ACTION provides the means to start micro-businesses – from sewing machines to chicken farms
  • STAR ACTION helps with medical costs of essential operations for destitute people in Eastern Sri Lanka
  • STAR ACTION’s orphanage provides a safe family life for over 20 vulnerable children
  • STAR ACTION builds toilets for families with no sanitation
  • STAR ACTION funds small business endeavours in Sri Lanka, South India and Africa
  • STAR ACTION supports poverty-stricken families in Sri Lanka and South India
  • STAR ACTION funds higher education for gifted children in all our project areas
  • STAR ACTION supports new community projects in all our project areas
  • STAR ACTION helps poor fishing businesses
  • STAR ACTION little Temples for world peace support inter-denominational  harmony


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