Star Action Projects

Star Action Projects

STAR ACTION’s orphanage provides a safe family life for over 20 vulnerable children.

STAR ACTION helps tsunami hit families make a new start.

STAR ACTION funds small business endeavours in Sri Lanka, South India and Africa.

STAR ACTION supports poverty-stricken families in Sri Lanka and South India.

STAR ACTION feeds triplets to keep a poor family together.

STAR ACTION supports tsunami hit schools in LTTE civil war stricken East Sri Lanka.

STAR ACTION funds higher education for gifted children in South India.

STAR ACTION supports new community projects in tsunami hit area and in Ghana

STAR ACTION helps poor fishermen.

STAR ACTION re-builds broken down homes of poverty-stricken families.

STAR ACTION little Temples for world peace support inter-denominational harmony.

STAR ACTION is building a home/refuge for destitute old people in South India

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