Star action in India

Our Brighter Life Children's Home in Tamil Nadu is run by Richard and Sasees; we have established a real family feeling—all children coming into our care are embraced in family love. It is not a question of coming into an institution—but coming into a family. We are so thankful to have such brilliant house parents who really ensure our children have the best possible start in life. Learn More»

Star action in Africa

In Asiakwa, Ghana, we have built a Community Centre for a very poor community. This is housing a local school, for whom we have provided uniforms and some scholarships, as well as operating as a resource for the local community. In time we aim to develop this further as a Vocational centre with facilities for dress-making/tailoring, catering, hairdressing/barbering, traditional tie and dye, and any other skills that may be identified later. Learn More»

Star action in Sri Lanka

Following the tragic concurrence of the 2004 Tsunami and 26 years of Civil War we focus much of our efforts in Eastern Sri Lanka. Encompassing micro-loans for businesses, help with housing and support for a range of educational projects, our work here is dedicated to helping as many poor communities as we can reach to rebuild from tragedy and loss. Learn More»
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