Little Temples for World Peace – News Update September 2012

Sri Lanka



During our recent time in Sri Lanka, August 2012, I spent as much time as I could meditating in the Little Temple for World Peace by the sea.  Stuart joined me for sunset prayers and meditation.  We both believe that there is increasing spiritual power in this Little Temple, which has been of significance in bringing about the current peace in Sri Lanka.  We believe also that the Light radiates out into the whole world and will continue to play a significant part in increasing world peace,  harmony and understanding between nations, and particularly people of different religious beliefs and cultures.  One of the remarkable things about Sri Lanka is the way in which the four major religions co-exist in harmony and understanding, especially now the war is over.


We are very happy to be able to report that Fred and Hamida spent time in the Little Temple for World Peace in Aburi, Ghana, in June 2012 (see photo).  They gave us this report:  ‘Staying at the nearby ‘Sweet Africa Guest House, which has recently been refurbished, we were able to spend good time meditating in the Little Temple, which, as you know, is in a beautiful position in the grounds of the Guest House.  Our experience there was indescribable.  When he opened his eyes Fred said he saw a group of birds standing silently around the Little Temple, and they only flew away when we all got up.  There was also a local dove on the tree looking at us.’


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