Village Project


We have adopted the very poor village of Sri Vaigunbaum. It is 36km from Tirunveli, so Richard (Save the Babies) is able to visit on a regular basis. Ten houses in desperate need have had new roofs built. The village people are overjoyed with our support and treat Richard like a saint every time he arrives.

Richard has been busy assessing the village for other urgent work and has decided that a home to shelter and feed destitute elderly people is a major priority. After viewing several possible sites and obtaining a survey report on three, he has negotiated the purchase of an acre beside the village, which has all the qualities needed for the purpose. Fencing and boring for water will be completed in February/March 2009. The next task is to find finance for the building.

Sri Vaigunbam…New Roofs & A New Project

In Sri Vaigunbam those families whose homes we have re-thatched, were dry for once during the monsoon of October and November this year. The villagers are excited now about the plans to build an old people’s home on the outskirts of their community. We now have a surveying engineer’s report on the land we plan to purchase, which looks promising. There is good water available at a reasonable depth for a borehole to be drilled and the land is sound enough to take a foundation for the building we envisage. Stuart is visiting in February. He will negotiate the land purchase and put into process the equivalent of planning approval from the local Panchyat. Clearance and fencing of the plot will follow.

We hope to be able to house 12 destitute elderly men and women, offering them basic care, shelter and food. These folk are currently living rough in and around the villages, usually begging for food and sleeping in doorways.

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