Aranculam School


Thanks to the generosity of SA supporters, we have been able to arrange to have the electricity connected to this lovely little school; we returned in August 2013 to see for ourselves the difference this has made.  Even though it was holiday time, children, parents and teachers had assembled to greet and thank STAR ACTION.  Not surprisingly they had a few requests for more help when possible:

  • PAINT for the peeling school walls (the people themselves will do the work if we can fund the paint).
  • REPAIRS TO THE BOUNDARY FENCE (to keep animals out and allow the children to grow vegetables and flowers).

UPDATE: Thanks again to your generosity, we have now (November 2014) been able to fund the boundary fence.

In April we wrote:


Whilst post-tsunami gifted money is still being spent by the Sri Lankan government on new highways across the country, Star Action has identified individuals and schools which the government system and ‘red tape’ rules have left out.

February 14th 2013 was a memorable day for me – not because of Valentine’s Day! – but because we finally got to Aranculam village school to deliver the long-promised school bags. (Lal had told us of this remote school a while ago. On our last two visits it was cut off by floods.) There are now 150 children attending this delightful little school—right in the heart of the area where civil war raged not so long ago. The smiles on their darling little faces as we handed out the unexpected (to them) gift of a bag will long stay in my memory.

Again we have here children with nothing—nothing but warm loving hearts and happy smiles. (The fighting has finished and no more killing going on around them.) Most of the children had no shoes at all and shabby school uniforms. My Peter Parrot glove puppet (with a yellow Star on his chest) who came with me on this special day, was probably the only toy many of them had ever seen. While talking with the headmaster, Mr. Ravichandran, and newly appointed English teacher, Mohamed Razick, a shocking fact emerged! The school had no electricity at all. Although Mohamed had a laptop computer to help him teach, there was no power. The school could afford to pay the quarterly electricity bill, but the government refused to pay for the connection! The sum involved is not great and we said we felt sure Star Action supporters would want to help.


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