Sri Lanka: West Coast Project


The Toilet challenges of British and European peoples are rarely mentioned in popular history books.  70 to 80 years ago many homes had no bathroom or toilet inside the house and 150 years ago most used a bucket to wash in and somebody else’s garden to complete their ablutions.

The Sri Lankan and Indian people love to be clean and go to great lengths to bath and wash their clothes daily.  Imagine how distressing it is to have to live in a home with no bathroom and to have no alternative but to use the roadside or the beach every day as a lavatory.

Star Action would like to build a small toilet unit for as many poor homes as possible in 2012.  The design is simple and practical.  Water will be made available and cesspit drainage dug and connected.  Each toilet (see design) will cost just £256.  We have a good builder available and 10 very poor families waiting to offer their labour to keep the costs to a minimum.  They are hoping soon to be able to find privacy within their home environment and better hygiene for the surroundings.

Toilet in Need of Repair

Toilet in Need of Repair











New Toilet Specification:   The £256 buys:

New Toilet Specification:

Foundation and step

Levelled floor

Raised china ‘eastern’ loo

Piped connection to external cesspit

4 walls and roof


Water supply with tap

3 metre deep sand cesspit with concrete sides


Are you able to help? If you can send this whole amount, we shall, of course, send you the name of the family you have helped and a photo of ‘your’ toilet in Sri Lanka!  Small gifts are welcome too of course.



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