Keshav Adhikari, our hardworking representative in Kathmandu has used the donations you made and requested to go to Nepal at the end of 2016 to continue to help keep the 130 residents of the Tokha Centre for the Blind fed and warm during the winter.

Bir Laxmi Shrestha was glad of your help towards her kidney dialysis treatment and we now have hopes that this will be underwritten by the Nepal Government Health Dept. in the near future.

The Haven on Earth Children’s Home continues to thrive and some of you now sponsor a poor child there, who would have little chance of a family home or of a good education in the remote hinterland villages.

We have also been able to support the The Panchakoshi School in Pokhara, which urgently needed furniture and books after it suffered badly in the 2015 earthquakes; the house was so badly damaged that the owning family had to live crowded into a relative’s house for almost 3 years, whilst hoping someone will help them repair their home.


Our Haven on Earth Orphanage

We continue our support of the Haven on Earth orphanage in Kathmandu (which we helped to open in 2014). We are considering the possibility of Star Action sponsoring one or more children. (There is capacity to take on more children, but help is needed for the cost of ongoing care of all the existing ten children too.)

Please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring a Nepalese child. (the cost is £30 per month to include accommodation, food, clothes and education fees)

Tokha Home for the Blind and Handicapped

Jenny writes: 

On my last visit to Kathmandu I was happy to visit this home again and help distribute food and blankets.

After the terrible earthquakes of the summer of 2015, Star Action passed on some of your generous donations for relief work in this area, including the much needed blankets, sacks of rice and other staple food items.

We have decided to give a warm woollen scarf and a Christmas Lunchbox to each of the 130 residents and daily blind visitors. Keshav will organise this in conjunction with Krishna’s school (where he is Assistant Headmaster). The school (for fee paying children) has an ongoing programme encouraging their children to save their own money and engage in fund-raising projects, and join in the programme of helping the Tokha residents. (Some of the children came with me for my last visit.)



We have thankfully received word that, following the devastating earthquake which struck on the 25th April, all of our friends in Kathmandu are OK.  Neither the Haven on Earth Orphanage or Krishna’s schools have been directly affected.  

We will publish a fuller account of the situation as soon as we are able, but in the meantime we will continue to keep all of those involved in our thoughts and prayers.

In August 2014 Stuart and I had the joy of visiting friends in Kathmandu, Krishna and Sunita Adikari.  They are the leaders of the White Eagle work in Nepal and are both totally committed to the ideal of the brotherhood of all people of every religion in the world.  They are equally committed to the ideal of brotherhood in action and practical service in the community.  Nepal is one of the ten poorest countries in the world and there is a great deal of very evident poverty in the city of Kathmandu.  Krishna is headmaster of the Higher Valley School in Kathmandu.  This is a fee-paying school, but he gives many bursaries to the children of poor families.  In addition he has a separate school for those who are unable to pay school fees.  During our days in Kathmandu we were taken to visit this school.  We had such a warm welcome from them and were given a lovely demonstration of the pupils dancing (see pictures).  The school is in a hired building but on a busy main road. Krishna’s plan is to find another building which is safer for the children.


During our visit we were asked to officially open Krishna’s Orphanage which is named Haven on Earth.  He has 24 boys and girls living in this home.  It is well  equipped but again is rented and Krishna has the hope one day to be able to build a permanent home for this delightful family.  A third visit we made during our time with Krishna was to a colleague who has a home for severely mentally and physically handicapped people.  We were asked to help distribute blankets and food packets for the 20 residents there.


Krishna is very much in need of more financial support for all his endeavours and so we have promised that Star Action will do what we can to help.  We have already had some donations which we have been able to forward to Krishna.


Volunteers Welcome

Krishna has told us that volunteer helpers in his school are always welcome.  Accommodation would be in the school teachers’ (pictured above) dormitory area.  Donations of around £10 to cover full board would be very  welcome.  This may well appeal to gap year students.


Ways you can Help

We already have a group of friends in the Netherlands who are holding fund-raising events and have sent money to us to forward to Krishna.  This has been most gratefully received.  You may have ideas yourself about how to raise some money for the poor of Nepal, or would like to visit and offer practical help in some way.  Please email Stuart at with your ideas and any offers of help.

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