Little Temples for World Peace



During her Sri Lanka visit, Joan spent time meditating in our little temple near Negombo. She also checked on its continuing care, and arranging for a few broken tiles on the roof to be repaired. (Our dearly loved old care lady, ‘Maria’, who quietly sweeps and washes the Temple every morning and places flowers on our little altar on Sundays, is receiving some Star Action money for her medication. Her granddaughter, Wasana, has been having help for her English and Maths lessons from two of our supporters who visited on Star Action tours.)

When I myself meditated and prayed for world peace many times during my last visit in February 2008, I had a clear vision of another little temple being dedicated ‘under the six-pointed Star of healing and brotherhood’ for world peace in GHANA. So I was praying that during my October visit there, I would be led to the right place. The Miracle is that this has happened. Please hold it in your prayers. I will write more about it all in our next Newsletter.


This beautiful little Temple, which stands in a garden of palm trees by the sea on the west coast of Sri Lanka near Negombo, is a circular, open sided building with a low surrounding wall, white pillars and a traditional tiled Sri Lankan roof. A six-pointed star, our symbol for peace and prayer, sits on top of the roof and in the centre our ‘altar’ is a circular stone pillar. A very simple and harmonious design.

Progress being made … The Temple rises …Construction begins … Laying the foundation for the Little Temple for World PeaceLittle Prayer Temple for World Peace

Jenny Dent – one of the Star Action trustees – was inspired to acquire the land and build the Temple shortly after the tsunami of December 2004 devastated so much of the island of Sri Lanka.

The Temple was dedicated to bring peace to the world and harmony among different faiths worldwide. Sri Lanka has four main religions (Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Christian) and for the simple ceremony of dedication, held on February 11th 2006 during the first Star Action tour, families representing all these faiths were invited. Jenny welcomed the guests and read a short piece from the teachings of each of the faiths, and the circle of all those attending, united in prayer for peace, was a moving sight and a privilege to be part of. As Jenny called down the light of the great Sun-Star in the heavens, the little Temple truly became a lighthouse, radiating peace, love and light to the whole world.

After the ceremony the guests, neighbours and Star Action supporters joined to share a happy little party in the gardens of the Villa Temple Flower guest house; a very happy occasion. All had been moved by the ceremony and the feeling of being of ‘one world’ was shared by all.

Dedication of the Little Temple – 12 February 2006

Since the dedication, the power of light has grown more focussed and powerful and it has become a beautiful place to rest and pray: peaceful and inspiring. Jenny visits twice a year to oversee Star Action projects and spends time in the little Temple meditating and writing; others, too, have visited and been entranced by the magical and peaceful atmosphere.

Beach by the Little Temple

The feeling of peace and light remains unmoved by the elements but there have been a few external changes made necessary by the weather: the colourful plants set out at the dedication could not withstand the strong, salty winds from the sea and have been replaced by smaller palms and some stone circle designs which should be as enduring as the sense of peace inside the Temple. The roof suffered damage from falling coconuts: the offending tree has been tied back the tiles replaced.

Early attempts to keep a light burning in the altar were unsuccessful, but one of our supporters was inspired to try a small battery-powered nightlight: the first one, placed in April, was still alight in August!

It is wonderful to feel that the little Temple can radiate peace and harmony in a country with so many different faiths and still in the shadow of civil war. A neighbour cares for the Temple and its garden on a regular basis: a Christian family who live next door and ‘granny’ puts flowers in the altar on Sundays. Our Temple ‘guardian’ from the Villa Temple Flower oversees maintenance; and the guest house manager a Muslim used the Temple for his Friday prayers, (see picture below). The shared hope for peace among nations unites us all and the little Temple is a beautiful example of how working together for peace can transcend issues of colour, creed and politics.

Refas … Our Muslim friend who regularly prays at the TempleJogy (Temple Flower owner), Jenny and Christie (Little Temple Builder)Stuart at the Little TempleSudarsana … our Temple painter

Sunset from the Little Temple

All are most welcome to visit, to sit and pray, to relax in the garden, to gaze at the sea and to enjoy the stunning sunsets.

The Temple is close to the airport, not very far from Colombo and Negombo. If you go to Sri Lanka and would like to visit the little Temple, please contact Stuart Neil for further information, or Jogy Fernando (the Temple ‘guardian’) on: 00-94-112236755.


About our Little Temple for World Peace

Jenny writes:

In October 2008 Stuart and I visited Ghana to take the first steps in our Teenage Community project in Asiakwa.  Prior to this we stayed in a beautiful location at ‘The Sweet Africa’ Guest House in the Aburi Hills, to take part in a White Eagle Conference for West Africa.  In the grounds of this guest house are two lovely ‘pagoda style’ buildings.  I soon realised that the smaller one was perfect to become our second ‘Little Temple’.  After some negotiation with the owner (who was currently living in Ethiopia!), on New Year’s Day 2009 we were given the wonderful news that Star Action was to be given this little pagoda rent-free to be our first ‘African Little Temple for World Peace’.

Fred and Hamida then arranged for re-painting, for the Star to be placed upon it and a blessing ceremony to take place.  They visit whenever they can, and we know it is well looked after by the guest house’s caretaker.  It is used for meditation and prayer by the guests and any visitor.

It is rather lovely that this Little Temple faces the sunrise and the Sri Lanka Temple faces the sun

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