October 2016 update

Children from the Cardomom Hills region

Children from the Cardomom Hills region

Jenny travelled to Sri Lanka with her son, Michael, this year as Stuart’s wife, Bobby, was very sadly taken ill and has subsequently died.  Our thoughts are with Stuart and his family.

Star Action continues to transform the lives of poor communities in Eastern Sri Lanka with agricultural projects such as rice, groundnut and chicken production.  Our focus on education also continues apace, as Rakshana takes on the task of teaching children the national language of Sinhala in Mankerny – this is particularly important for the Tamil speaking children who might otherwise be unable to benefit from the national education provided.  Others who have given much over the years to support the education of children here – such as Sneeha – are moving on to train in nursing with Star Action’s support and blessing.

In India, Richard and Sasees continue to provide a refuge for children.  Our most recent recruits are a small group from the desperately poor Cardomom Hills region, who it is hoped will have an opportunity to break the poverty trap of poorly paid manual labour in the tea plantations that might otherwise be their meagre inheritance.  The life-changing impact that our Brighter Life home (as we are now calling the Save the Babies orphanage) has, can be seen in Marcus, one of our first babies, who is now studying for his A Levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Star Action has also been able to be of assistance to more people in Nepal: we have helped by stocking the library of the Haven on Earth Orphanage that Jenny opened in 2014 and, through the generosity of one supporter, have been able to rebuild the home of a family that was destroyed in last year’s earthquake.

We are indebted to our active and growing band of supporters, who have, through their unstinting generosity, helped us to improve the lot of so many.  Thank you

November 2015 Update

20150810_123809It’s been quiet on the blog but we have been busy working behind the scenes!

This has been another year of good progress with our projects to help individuals and families in severe poverty and to contribute to the education of the next generation.   One or more of the Trustees was able to visit India and Sri Lanka during the summer and we were able to steer assistance in Nepal, after their two devastating earthquakes, from a base in Qatar.

Christmas is nearly here again.  STAR ACTION Christmas gifts help you find the answer to ‘what do I give…?’ but also enable us to give more greatly needed support to really deprived children and sad families in Sri Lanka and India.

Also see our latest Newsletter for news from Nepal and a possible new project to help the Syrian refugees trying to live in Turkey.

We thank you so much for all your support throughout 2015 and send warm greeting for Christmas and the New Year ahead.

December 2014 update

Gift Brochure download

Thank you for all your interest and support of our Star Action work. It has been a busy year for us here at Star Action; please browse through our site or download the newsletter from the sidebar for updates on all our projects and news of new ones too—including our new friends in Nepal.

We have had a another successful year running our Christmas gift scheme and hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and a happy start to 2015.

May 2014 Update


Gap year students Ellie and Natalie

Dear Friends,

Whilst you have been enduring almost constant rain in England and Northern Europe this winter, Jenny and I have spent 3 weeks in Sri Lanka and India, both of which would have been glad of some of the water.

We shared the delight of our 27 strong Indian family at their new permanent home in Tamil Nadu and briefly met the first two (gap-year) students who had been staying to learn about India and to help the children. In Sri Lanka we met Vijayashanthi who, through your generosity, has almost fully recovered from her heart operation. We saw the joy on the faces of many family members at the prospect of a new set of clothes (Christmas 2013 appeal), and arranged for two refurbished houses and a power supply to a third. The Youth Training Centre in Ghana has also enjoyed a generous donation enabling a constant water supply to the building.

Best wishes and thanks,


(for Star Action Trustees, Jenny, Kate and Joan)

Christmas Gift scheme – New for 2013!

This year sees the launch of our Christmas Gift scheme – a choice of gifts that can make a real difference to our friends in Sri Lanka.

Visit the Christmas Gift Page for more details.

October 2013

Stuart and I have just returned from another visit to Sri Lanka and India to check up on the progress of all our projects.

In India we were very pleased with the progress in completing our new home for our ‘STB Children’. The response to our appeal in April was wonderful. After 17 years of moving from rented house to rented house, it will be a bonus to have the
permanent home and more settling for the children.

In Sri Lanka we are launching our new ‘Buy a Gift for Christmas’’ project and happily report that there is now light at our little East Coast School of Aranculam. Our teachers have their bicycles and we have two new toilets being built.

A big thank you to all our kind supporters.

April 2013 Update

It’s been a busy few months since our last update, and we are thrilled at the progress that your generous support has enabled; you can read about developments in both India and Sri Lanka by down loading our new  NEWSLETTER

  • Electricity for a forgotten school
  • Pawalam’s house now built
  • Our new Chicken Farm project...

New Home for Indian Orphans

This project is moving quickly now, and, as you can see from the picture, is two thirds of the way there.  You can imagine how excited the children are about their new home!

In order to complete this permanent home for our ‘Save the Babies” family, we need a further £10 000 and are launching a special appeal to this end.  Excitingly, a generous supporter of Star Action has promised to match every pound donated for this appeal up to £5 000 so your generosity will be doubled!


It’s easy to donate – find out how here.


Visit beautiful Sri Lanka. See the Island, tour our projects, and stay in our Golden Sunset Guest House.  Phone Stuart at (UK) 01395 568064 or visit golden-sunset.org for more details.

A generous supporter of Star Action has promised to

match every pound donated for this appeal up to £5,000.

October Update

Dear Friends and Supporters of Star Action,

I am delighted to tell you that we have received wonderful support for our emergency appeals for our destitute war widow Pawalam in Mankerny, Eastern Sri Lanka.

Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to go straight ahead and built her little house. She is now safe and dry, with new clothes for herself and all the children (these made by our sewing machine lady Sutharsini). She is so very grateful to Star Action. Thank you.

We have also received further wonderful help for our ‘Build a Toilet’ project, and this means that we can go forward with the building of two more toilets.

Great appreciation to everyone.

Love and greeting from Jenny

Little Temples for World Peace – News Update September 2012

Sri Lanka



During our recent time in Sri Lanka, August 2012, I spent as much time as I could meditating in the Little Temple for World Peace by the sea.  Stuart joined me for sunset prayers and meditation.  We both believe that there is increasing spiritual power in this Little Temple, which has been of significance in bringing about the current peace in Sri Lanka. 

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July Update

“Save the Babies Home”
The last 6 weeks have been the hottest of the year in Tamil Nadu and the children have been enjoying their school summer holidays.  Nine of them stayed with us at the Home as they are effectively orphans and the others went to relatives for some or all of the time.
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