Our Aims…

  • Create a source of income that will motivate young adults to remain in Asiakwa and empower them enough to feel confidence and dignity for their financial independence.
  • Have a potential for expansion, thus creating more job opportunities for the future.
  • Promote a sense of co-operation and unity within the community.
  • Promote awareness of and motivate responsibility for sexual health, especially amongst the youth.
  • Be self-sustainable.

Our Agreed Project…

  • To build an infrastructure in Asiakwa that will serve as a vocational centre for the community
  • To equip the centre with facilities for dress-making/tailoring, catering, hairdressing/barbering, traditional tie and dye, and any other skills that may be identified later
  • Community members who have completed apprenticeship but cannot afford to equip themselves can register to use the facilities in the centre. They will in turn:
    • pay a certain fee for using the facility
    • participate in providing apprenticeship at the centre, for teenagers aged 14 and over
    • be members of the centre co-operative, which will be charged with responsibility of building continuous financial resource for the centre, thereby improving local social and economic conditions.
  • The centre will also serve as a meeting point for a ‘progressive youth club’ within the community. The club will promote various activities that will foster independence, self-empowerment and sense of community-care amongst the youth of the community.
  • The centre will facilitate provision of sexual health education, including counselling, through the forum of the youth club.
  • The centre will also serve as an inter-faith / cross-culture meeting point for the whole community.

The First Steps

  • Stuart Discusses Our Project Plans with Local Architect Nana Okorie
  • Clear a suitable area of the large piece of donated land, leaving as much of the beautiful, natural shrubs as possible and all the large trees. Allow the farmers who already use a part of this ‘common land’ to continue to grow their crops (e.g. cassava) until such time as that area might be needed.
  • We already have the donated services of a resident who is a highly respected and experienced architect – Nana Okorie.
  • Local committee will prepare the detailed plan for first equipment with estimated cost. As far as possible, local materials and donated time and expertise will be used. For example, one of the committee is an expert window fitter.
  • We will begin with sewing machine and catering training. The local committee will prepare a training programme and start selection process.
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