Vocational Centre

Our ‘Vocational Skills Centre’ Project in Asiakwa, Ghana

We are most grateful to all our supporters who have helped raise over £10,000 for this project so far.
Our Star Action representatives for Ghana, Fred and Hamida Bote-Kwame, are continuing their work to help the young people of Asiakwa, a remote location in the Eastern region of Ghana, West Africa.  Children attend school up to the compulsory lower secondary school level (age 14).  Beyond this, many parents in this village cannot afford to continue educating their children.  Consequently, these young people roam around with nothing to do; they have little or no skills as they grow into adulthood.  Teenage pregnancy is rife in the community and also the problems of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.  Signs of poverty abound in the village, in short, the community is slowly dying.

Our Aim
To provide a Training Centre for Vocational Skills, primarily for young people in the community.  The village elders donated the land for this purpose.
What we have done so far
The building itself is nearing completion.  It has been roofed, plastered both inside and out, plumbing installed, doors and windows fitted  (see photographs)

What’s Outstanding?

  • Interior fitments and equipment – funding urgently needed!

The Training
We have reviewed the skills training to be provided by our project in order to meet the current needs of the community.  Our focus will be on two important areas  –

  • Information Technology and Computer Skills. There is no training for these vital skills available in this area.
  • Personal Development. Classes will be offered which will include sexual health     education, personal hygiene, and personal responsibility.

It is hoped that local schools will use our facility, and that ultimately there will be a gradual handover by Star Action to local management.

Star Action’s commitment to the project in this area will bring a wonderful opportunity for its young people to sustain themselves and generations to come in this remote village in rural Ghana, so often overlooked by the government.

We see a bright and dignified future for Asiakwa.

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